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We have seen Apple take big strides in the consumer market in recent years. We have seen the release of Chromebooks, and the big impact they are having in the USA, and particularly with schools. Apple is expensive and people will still pay. Chromebooks are very cost effective, especially considering they come with a monthly payment deal, which is only 20 dollars per month. We still don’t know how much it will cost to install Windows 8. The majority of business users use Windows, but students are a completely different market. Here are some of the issues of concern with the relatively slow release of Windows 8.

  • Higher Education. Those getting prepared to work in marketing or business are studying related business courses and marketing courses. Many of them are choosing Apple (especially because of the boom with iPad popularity) and the great value the Chromebook brings – despite many predictions the Chromebook would not sell well, it has been selling on Amazon extremely well. Summing up, Apple and Chrome have penetrated the student market for very different reasons.
  • Business Market. Windows and the new Windows 8 are probably going to dominate the business market as they have done since the launch of Windows 95. We all know the Windows operating system has not been without problems. Vista was the operating system that destroyed Windows’ reputation. Windows 7 was a recovery for that situation. Windows 8 is making a lot of promises to users and the business market. This time they just have to deliver.
  • Cost. Apple just released the Lion OSX update at 30 dollars. The Chromebook is only 20 dollars a month for students. If we think about the period of time most students will study in higher education for, this will mean a deeper penetration for those two operating systems by the time the current students leave their education and move on to business. When is Microsoft going to release the price?
  • Timing. The Windows 8 download will not be ready for about another year. That is another year of penetration into the student market for Apple and Chrome. There will be many of those students who will not go on to work with others, and they will start businesses of their own. Going it alone is the new way forward. The best students are already ahead of the curve, and working for someone else will never be an option.

For the majority of students in countries like the USA, Canada and Australia, building their own start-up is the best option for employment. No one wants to wait around to get employed at a low salary, and wait around for promotions. Some of the newest and fastest growing companies in the world today came from students. Look at Google and Facebook – they are perfect examples.