If you are a blogger – or you are about to become one – it is very important that you lay your blog properly, in order to be more successful and gain more readers.

blogReasons to make the effort – Nowadays having a blog is like having a resume or an identity card. Together with social media, blogs are vital especially when it comes to employment or freelancing. Did you know that people with a successful blog are more likely to find a better job than those that don’t? It shows character and that you’re a hard worker, which is what employers are constantly looking for, especially for jobs related with IT and marketing. Right now there are plenty of job vacancies in these sectors which specifically mention that having  personal blog is not required but desirable. Another option is self-employing. For example, if you’re one of those who likes crafts, clothing, furniture, etc. as a hobby and you like to show off your talents then having a great successful blog is vital, especially if you like to sell your works afterwards. When putting up an ad online make sure you put enough pictures and write your blog’s URL to attract other possible admirers or even clients!

Now, how do you improve the asset of your blog? Here are three simple tips!

  • Specific target – the most important thing when you start a blog is to have a precise audience in mind for you to refer to. That’s the best way for you to produce the right content, with the right tone and the right information. A well defined target is, indeed, the first guarantee of good quality content and it’s fundamental you always write your posts keeping your audience in mind. Of course your target depends on the specific topic you write on your blog; whether it’s art, technology, employment, gossip or beauty, try to understand which type of readers you have.
  • Make a good first impression – as it happens with people, first impressions are very important when it comes to a successful personal blog. So there are 8 things to keep in mind and to never forget which you should be checking out right now.
  • Regularity – it’s very important that you blog on a regular basis. Indeed, if you don’t post often enough, readers won’t follow you anymore and will look for new blogs. Your readers trust you and your virtual presence, so don’t betray them. Blogging is, indeed, a commitment that has to be fulfilled every day, with patience, passion and dedication. It’s not necessary to blog every day to have an excellent blog; you can do it just once a week but always try to publish new information on the same day of the week so your subscribers can expect a new post from you.
  • Keywords – always remember that your blog is part of the wide web of the world and, as every other web site, it follows the internet rules. In order to increase your popularity on search engines, you have to keep in mind the importance of keywords and tags, that should always be used at their bests, not only in your posts, but also when it comes to photos’ titles, URLs and descriptions.