How many of you can’t find enough time to do everything you want on your blog?

How many of you get distracted easily and are not as efficient as you’d like to be?

How many of you get caught up in the little things and don’t get the big things accomplished?

I was responding to a comment to my starting a new project article and it reminded me of a guest post I read on John Chow dot Com a few weeks back (little did I know that the person I was responding to already read the article). Anyway, it’s about a time management expert and a demonstration that he did that really drove a point home.

As a former corporate trainer and current keynote speaker in my field, in my professional opinion, I thought this article was very compelling. I like to tell a lot of stories when I’m speaking and from time to time, I’ll have an elaborate story or exhibit just to deliver a quick punchline that sums it all up.

I’m rarely impressed with presenters but this story grabbed my attention, entertained me, and helped me remember the lesson, which is everything you want a presentation to do. Enjoy this quick read by clicking below and let me know what you think.

The Big Rocks