Long time follower, Dana from Blogging Tips Blog chimes in with a nice tip for those of us who care about link juice.

As you may already aware, Do-follow link is surely important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – specially for link building. Do-follow link is used by search engine as one of many factor to determine your blog rank. It is really important because higher rank will make search engine feature your blog for search activities relate to your blog topic. You can do link building trough so many ways such as exchange link, paid link, link directory submission, guest posting, commenting etc. But, you must know that no all of the link will be Do-follow so you do not get link juice for it and also is not counted by search engine. There are many links that use No-follow tag in their link properties so you should take it serious if your target is link building. Link buildingers should afraid of No-Follow tag in targeted blog link.

Therefore we need to check whether the link is Do-follow or No-follow before we put our link in that. We also need to check whether our link still Do-follow after live for certain time – especially for link exchange and paid link. Indeed, link checking is a must if you want to do link building for your blog/site.  And no need to worry if you do not know how to check it. You surely will be able to check the Do-follow/No-follow things easily  after finish this article. I am sharing the way to check Dofollow/Nofollow link in this article.

Here – find the ways:

Way#1 Check the html source code

You can check whether the link Do-follow or No-follow by use view source page facility in web browser. I do not know other web browser but FireFox and internet explorer (IE) have this facility. You can find this facility in menu bar – in View Tab exactly. It call as “page source” in FireFox and as “source” in IE. Here what I find when do checking in this blog source page:

<a href=”http://letupdate.com” onclick=”javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/outbound/commentauthor/letupdate.com’);”  rel=’external ‘ class=’url’>Dana @ Blogging Update</a></span>

You can see that there is “ rel=’external’ “ code in the link source code. It mean that the link is Do-Follow. And you do not must look for that exactly code – but as long as there is no “ rel=’nofollow’ “ in it, it mean the link is Do-Follow link.

Way#2 Chek link properties

As far as I know, this way only can do in firefox web browser. We can easily check whether a link is Do-follow or No-follow – Just right click right in the link that you want to check and choose properties. You will see the relation information which determine whether the link No-follow or Do-follow.  Here the example that I do in this blog:

You can see in above picture that the link to http://letupdate.com have “external” in relation tag. It mean that link to http://letupdate.com is Do-follow link which pass PR juice to targeted site  In contrary, If there is no relation tag or relation tag value is No-Follow, it mean that the link is No-Follow link which do not pass the PR juice.

Way#3 Use no Do-follow FireFox plugin

This is the easiest way to check whether a link is Do-follow or No-Follow in my opinion.  We just need to install and activate it in our FireFox web browser – and all link will be checked. This No/Dofollow firefox plugin will highlight in blue color the Do-follow link if you activate it. Find the example in below:

You can see that “Dana @ Blogging Update” in blue color – it mean that link in “Dana @ Blogging Update” is Do-Follow link. It will be red if the link is No-follow.


Link Building is important part of whole Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can do Link Building with many ways such as  exchange link, paid link, link directory submission, guest posting, commenting etc. In all of those ways, one important common things is that the link must Do-follow – if not, there are no meaning of it regarding to link building. Therefore the link checking is a must in link building – especially for link exchange and paid link. You can do it easily by use the three ways in this article so you will do not miss the Do-follow link. :D

That’s all update this time, wait for next update!

Dana is the founder of Blogging Tips Blog, a blog where he shares much about blogging, and little about internet and IT. Yup, You will find many knowledge sharing about blogging here, and also knowledge sharing about Internet and IT sometimes. You can subscribe the LetUpdate dot Com Feed or twitter @danalingga to be updated.

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