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Top 5 myths of blogging for money

If only blogging for money was this easy.

How many of you started a blog thinking it’s an easy way to make money and do almost nothing? So you start your blog and it didn’t take long for you to realize that doing almost nothing will get you nothing to show for it. So you try to do just a little bit …


Top Blogging Mistakes

Today we have a special guest, Dee, who lists some common boo-boos in blogging. As it stands, there isn’t really any concrete way of knowing exactly how many amateur arm chair writers and business blogs fail on a daily basis, but suffice to say the answer would not be a small number. One of the […]

Do you know how bounce rate is determined?

Are you still thinking about your bounce rate and how to increase it? A few weeks ago, I posted an article explaining why I think bounce rate is a poor metric for most sites. This indicator is determined by simply looking at how many visitors came by and how many continued on to other pages […]

Daily Fantasy Sports – Easy Money?


After over two decades, I quit fantasy football several years ago since I didn’t want it to impact my experience on game day. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying NFL football ever since! That said, I still get that itch. I tried to satisfy my needs by playing other fantasy sports, like fantasy hockey, fantasy basketball, and […]

Don’t be afraid to ask your visitors to do something

How many times have you been to a site where you didn’t know what to do next? I mean, you’re looking for a job but there’s no Apply Here button. Or you really like a company’s service offerings but there’s no Contact Us link. Or… well, you get the point. One of the …

Write better Google ads almost instantly

Have you written Google ads that haven’t produced the results that you wanted? Many of us have received Google Adwords credit either from their hosting company or from Google directly. Often times, we take that amount, create an ad in less than a few minutes and cross our fingers. Sure, you might get lucky but […]

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Top 5 Blog Monetization Strategies for 2014


Blogging is an excellent way to earn money. People can have own websites or even personal web pages wherein they express opinions and interact with like-minded people. Alternately, they can participate on any social networking website and create content which would earn them some revenues for their thoughts. Some people earn more money when compared […]