Monetizing your site

So you want to be a blogger…

…but you don’t know what to blog about. That’s the number one thing preventing people from starting up. First, let’s figure out why you want to be a blogger. Here are some of the most common reasons why people blog: Promote a product Provide a service Share personal experiences Build credibility Enhance an existing website […]

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Choosing an affiliate network


The other day, a friend asked me how I got GoDaddy to advertise on my site. I said “because they realize how great I am and want to be part of my blog”. He looked at me cockeyed so then I ‘fessed up and had to explain what affiliate marketing is. That led him to […]


3 Easy Ways to Make Money on Your Blog


Stella Drysdale, our special guest today, dishes out a few money-making tactics. If you run a blog, chances are good you have thought about getting rich from it. We always hear stories about full-time bloggers who quit their jobs because they make money from their blogs. While it usually takes years and a lot of […]

The Secret of Earning a Huge Income from Blogging


A guest post from new contributor Ness Garcia today. People attempt to make their blogs successful everyday and while a few might eventually achieve their goal, most will end up in failure. What is the reason behind all of the failures? Well, there is no exact answer to that question because there are hundreds of […]

The secret ingredient for reaching goals


How many of you had what you thought were realistic goals for your blog and failed to reach them? Were you able to understand why your blog didn’t hit the goals? If you don’t know, let me tell you why: the number one reason why people fail to reach goals is because they did not […]


Stylish Casino Ads Can Boost Your Blog Income without Side Effects


Interesting money-making article today from guest, Gerald Stidham. If you write a blog and you just happen to be among the millions who love to play online casino games globally, well, then you’re sitting on an increasingly brand-neutral way to make some easy and affiliate cash. Online casino entertainment is very common these days and […]

How to Evaluate Affiliate Programs for Your Blog

Today’s post from Kim Willington will help you choose the best affiliate partners for your needs. Affiliate programs can help you to make a lot of money with your blog over time. However, not all affiliate programs are created equal. You can put affiliate products on your site and see no sales, or you can […]