Choosing CMS for your blog: how it affects your Blog’s Search Engine Ranking Positions


CMS represents Content Management System and it is the system you use in order to update or perhaps add pages on different website managed by different companies. There are lots of diverse types of content management systems accessible. Sad to say, for search engine optimization spiders, many websites powered by way of CMS often offered […]

Backlinks are, and always will be, critically important

A backlink is a search engine optimization (SEO) term used for links that point to your site. You may have also seen them called inbound links or incoming links. Regardless of how often a search engine’s algorithm changes, backlinks are almost always an important ingredient. Why? Because backlinks are a good indicator of how popular […]

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Have You Added Sub-Keywords to Your Site?

How many of you make a concerted effort to ensure that you have the right keywords in each of your articles? I’m not even referring to keyword stuffing in your content, metatags, titles, headings, and so forth. I’m talking about just using the right keywords when appropriate, using good anchor …


Do you know how bounce rate is determined?

Are you still thinking about your bounce rate and how to increase it? A few weeks ago, I posted an article explaining why I think bounce rate is a poor metric for most sites. This indicator is determined by simply looking at how many visitors came by and how many continued on to other pages […]

Lessons from a 100 comment article

If you take a look at a lot of my articles, especially those that I published late 2009, you’ll find a bunch with close to the 100 comment stratosphere. However, it wasn’t until this week that the barrier was broken. My 10 FREE killer themes of 2009 is actually at 102 comments as of this […]

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Don’t forget about spreading the word when you meet people (yes, in person!)

How many times have you mentioned your blog or website to a family member, a friend, or a potential customer and didn’t have anything to give them as a take-away? We all know that you have to treat your site as a business but would you take any business seriously if the owner spoke to […]

The power of link building

Here’s another guest post from 16 year old Onibalusi Bamidele, who provided us with his SEO advice last week. Link building has been a very important factor in Search Engine Optimization, even though so many factors have changed over time after their abuse, it appears link building will not change. Here are some tips and […]