Found a web scrape thief – now what?

In my opinion, web scrapers are scum. Maybe not the type of scum who would do something brutally vicious to another living thing but certainly the type of scum who would reach into your open wallet when your head is turned. A few days ago, I wrote an article that describes how I find people […]

Factors contributing to blog success

So you already have your domain, web host, and designed locked in. What’s next? As promised from last week’s blog failure article, here is the second part of the series, factors contributing to blog success. These factors for success are just the opposite of factors that guarantee failure: 1. People want to read what you […]

Chatwing Chat Box: Spreading Android Gaming Tips Easily


We have a follow-up to an gaming chat app from several weeks ago. Android gaming is one of the most popular activities in the world today. Just look at public places, and you’ll see dozens of people playing with their Android games. If you’re an Android gamer who is looking for tips and new gaming […]

Don’t make these simple SEO mistakes

How many of you think you’re doing an adequate job of SEO? I’m guessing about half of you said yes. However, even if you’re in that group, I’d bet there are tasks that you’re performing that are either wasting your time or even worse, damaging your long-term SEO goals! Because so …

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Care to see if someone is stealing your blog articles?

How long does it take for you to write a quality article? Let’s assume an hour. And let’s just say over the course of a year, you post 100 of these articles on your site. How would you feel if you stumbled upon another site one day with each and every one of those articles. […]

Write better Google ads almost instantly

Have you written Google ads that haven’t produced the results that you wanted? Many of us have received Google Adwords credit either from their hosting company or from Google directly. Often times, we take that amount, create an ad in less than a few minutes and cross our fingers. Sure, you might get lucky but […]

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Switching from to dilemma

One of my really early posts was differentiating between and Although sites have the flexibility to do just about anything a blogger wants at a low cost of a domain and hosting, does has its place in the world. That said, is really where nearly all serious bloggers will end […]

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