Really, you need to care about your topic!

Novice bloggers and blogger wannabes, have you found your topic yet? Remember, you must choose something that interest you in one or another. Today, I’m going to give you an example of someone who stumbled upon a niche: Heather B. Armstrong AKA dooce ( Some people love her, some people hate her. Basically, she started […]

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9 things you can do to speed up your site

Is there such thing as a site that’s too fast? If you’ve been keeping up, my last article was about Pingdom, which pointed to a tool that allowed you to check the speed of any of your pages. I also mentioned that if your site is too slow, you’d quickly see visitors abandon your site, […]


Who needs a low bounce rate anyway? I certainly don’t!

How many of you care about your bounce rate? Generally speaking, many bloggers and webmasters love looking at bounce rates with a high level of scrutiny. Personally, not only do I not really use it, I totally ignore it! Quick bounce rate explanation First, let’s make sure we know what a bounce rate is. If […]


Effective Ways to Generate Topics to Write on Your Blog


Writing comes naturally for bloggers. It is their second nature. However there are moments when bloggers just can’t think of anything to write. If they skip a blog post, it might give bad signals to search engines, which might affect site ranking. Moreover, there are so many articles online, and it adds to the difficulty […]

Daily Fantasy Sports – Easy Money?


After over two decades, I quit fantasy football several years ago since I didn’t want it to impact my experience on game day. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying NFL football ever since! That said, I still get that itch. I tried to satisfy my needs by playing other fantasy sports, like fantasy hockey, fantasy basketball, and […]

Don’t be afraid to ask your visitors to do something

How many times have you been to a site where you didn’t know what to do next? I mean, you’re looking for a job but there’s no Apply Here button. Or you really like a company’s service offerings but there’s no Contact Us link. Or… well, you get the point. One of the …

What separates successful bloggers from everyone else

Do you know what it really takes to run a successful site? The answers may surprise you. It’s not an uncanny technical skill or a tremendous wealth of internet knowledge or a marketing degree or a boatload of cash. As a blogger who has been in the web space for over a …