7 Perfect Guides To Make Your Audience Read And Comment On Your Blog

Friends Playing on the Beach

You want your readers to actually get through your blog, and ideally even read your blog comments, and that is what this article is going to help you to do. However, it is not always the best idea to have people read through your blog comments. For example, if you have ever read the comments […]

Get the most out of your time with The Value-Driven Commenting System

How would you like to spend less time commenting and produce amazing results? I’ve always been a fan of working smarter, not harder. As a general rule, unless safety is an issue, efficiency is more of concern of mine than effectiveness. As Pareto’s Law suggests, I like to get 80% of the way there while […]


Stop struggling — 54 article ideas for ANY niche

Having a tough time finding the next topic to write about? Don’t feel bad; as the late Michael Jackson piped: you are not alone. It’s actually pretty common for bloggers to run out of ideas, have writer’s block, or simply “hit a wall”. In fact, it’s the norm. Let’s get the juices flowing in your […]

Super quick lesson in SEO

Today, we have a guest post from young blogger looking to make some waves. It’s not the way I would personally present the information but the general message is there nonetheless. With the exception of rewriting the title, adding a picture, and bolding his main points, the rest was left untouched by me. SEO also […]


How I get more comments than blogs that have 10 times more traffic


After weeks and months of long hours in front of your computer, you’re finally getting some traffic on your blog but you can’t get enough people to participate on your site. Ever wonder how some smaller blogs get a lot more activity than some of the giants in your niche? Let’s look at some comment […]


Tips to Develop a Successful Personal Blog


If you are a blogger – or you are about to become one – it is very important that you lay your blog properly, in order to be more successful and gain more readers. Reasons to make the effort – Nowadays having a blog is like having a resume or an identity card. Together with […]

15 Secrets Of A Professional Blogger Qualified Content Writing


The point about secrets is that they remain secrets; otherwise they are just general knowledge to be spouted by people who think they know more than they do. It turns from having an edge over your competition to a conversation between three students about how thought and words exists in the present and past, and […]